Sunday, February 1, 2009


After few decades as much as my life been going, I surrounded for the first time I went to discover the IKEA. The trip was already planned sometime ago between Justyna and Shuby. In the morning I was not sure whether I wanted to go or not, whether relaxing at home or taking the risk and penetrate in the long lines of this shopping centre. I decided to go ahead and knell me to this landmark of the imperialism. Only after few minutes I regretted as I felt lost in such a atmosphere :) So, after I looked for refuge in the canteen and waited for them upstairs.
The good news is, this evening I had the sensation that my sugars are trying to settled down again, This week was just to forget, I had no initiative for nothing.
Tomorrow we will have the company of two Agniskas, friends of Justyna, I can have some Polish lessons for a week.

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ftavora said...

Nice pictures.Good memories.
That day was for sure on of the happiest in my whole life.
such a great time in zakopanie!
the sky was the limit. I mean, this coffee-shop where we took the pic was the limit. we could not go further up. :-)
miss you!