Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Incredible day, for the first time this year the Sun showed itself without any complex, He invaded my bedroom putting me without any choice, The invitation it was irresistible and I went out with all speed to take all the light as possible from the major star. Only after Justyna, Oli and Aga joined me. In order to find a place to enjoy the opportunity to be alone face to face with the Sun I sat down in a small wall in front of the arising and beauty Sun, For coincidence also in front was a rail station, it can look sickness but the landscape was inspiring, I could understand how interesting could be to be a Trainspotting, something I never could understand, Somebody waiting and observing the flow of the trains. But, to see the people getting on and out of the trains like ants, plus the noise of the locomotives brings something special to this prosaic event :) Probably also reflects an urbanoid man that still inside me.
Evening, we went to do some shopping around home to our friends take to Poland, and finally at home I was in charge to cook a Thai dinner for us, There was not too many complains.

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Pedro said...

ora aí está algo muito interessante, ver os comboios passar. é bom assumir um papel de espectador atento ao que nos rodeia.

um grande abraço