Thursday, February 5, 2009

Big fish

In fact the sugars have been very high since the last chemo session, even if I was already prepared for that, but the discomfort is too much and also my eye sight became poorly, I started to have some pain in the eyes when I am focus in the computer or in a book. The sugars also influence the vision, probably you did not know as me before this experience. Because of that in the morning I decided to play a different card that I had kept in the fridge, a different kind of insulin that the doctor once told me to start given, but I postponed because I thought it would not be the best time now to bring some more new incognitas or unknown factors to my healthy equation. Nevertheless, Today I started to inject this new insulin, it is more flexible and quicker action. In fact now I will inject some that is slow release, means is going in the body all 24 hours and another one always before any meal, therefore very quick acting. And after this first day the sugars really came downer, and I been passing through a better day. To show that I did all the washing up and other house working :)
In the evening I went to Maria & John's house to watch the match Everton vs Liverpool, along time myself was not out in the evening, it was relaxing to stay with them and Mike, The end it was even better with Everton wining in the last effort. Back home Agas were already there, it was lovely to have a laugh to finish the day. Also I cannot wait to go to Poland to see family and have a lots of carp from the Mazuras lake:)
I hope this fish did not come so much clever that would be impossible to catch it in the lake.
It was also the day that regarding to the exams trial I did in UCL I had a phone call from the doctor who is running that trial, It was ambiguous but as far as I understand he only want to have my permission if in the case the surgery go ahead he could have a sample of my Liver tissue to proof or understand something. Apparently in the two exams I performed, one when I was injected with a substance the Liver showed only two metastases but in the other one when I was injected with a radiological substance the Liver showed something else, He said the conclusions were not good or bad for me, just very interesting. Let the scientists study.

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Anonymous said...

Olá Helder!
antes de mais não deixemos de acreditar!!!
Em relação à glicemia, não deixes que os valores andem tão altos. pelo que percebi estás a fazer insulina rápia e agora passaste a fazer lenta, certo? Se tiveres alguma dúvida diz qualquer coisa, pois a glicemia quando está muito elevada, durante muito tempo vai deixando as suas marcas.
Se precisares escreve para
Beijinhos para ti e para as princesas.