Thursday, February 12, 2009

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If the expectations and hopes for the meeting today with the nurses from the diabetes team
were high the results did confirm those hopes. It was a very fruitful appointment, from the team was present the nurse Ruth (diabetes team) and nurse Denise (dietitian team), After a hour meeting we came out with much more light in what to do in all situations. They gave us a lot of ideas about real meals or snacks that I can have without be necessary complement it with a shoot of insulin, also they looked in my doses or injections registration book for each meal, for them overall we are dealing very well, but there are some corrections to avoid hypoglycemia's that we should implement. They explained me scientifically that I should take one units of insulin for each 10g of Carbohydrate, then, each piece of bread means two units, each table spoon of pasta or rice needs 1 unit of insulin, and others very useful tips for my diet in the future without compromise the level of sugars in the blood. Ultimately, they helped to kill some ghost about the disease, is like everything, sometimes the information or lack of that is the worst to spread the doubts and the panic.

In the evening we had the Pajo's leaving party, the event was celebrated in the Mike's house, also came Jane and before briefly came John and Maria. It was very pleasant to be close to all this friends again, even if for a reason of one of us is leaving, But, from Portugal are waving better conditions to Pajo, I really hope that you will get that job, Good luck and see you soon, probably to do some fishing in some beach close to you in Portugal.

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