Sunday, February 15, 2009

Campaign against the war

Suddenly the days started to look more bright and not so cold, I maybe later regret the words, but there is a smell of spring in the air, The day took us to our friends Veena's house, we worked together only for 3 months but enough to tied up us a strong strings of friendship. It was lovely to be altogether with Krishna, and Kasha and Rafi. Brilliant afternoon and evening. We had time to have a delicious meal and watch movies. One of the movies were very strong, Brothers by Susanne Bier, Letting us think about the necessity of having wars, which only brings pain and horror to everyone. I have been thinking but I do not have answer, if is it necessary wars? It come always to my mind our selfishness and the idea that we tend to think our opinion is the one is right, pushing sometimes to wars to defend our ideas.
Regarding to the afternoon among friends, Olivia could not hide how happy she was :) And also mummy and pappy could be release, and sharing the duties with friends.

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