Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cafe Lisboa

Today I planned to take the Polish friends to the Portobello market, but I did a mistake, I forgot that the market is not open today, so when we arrived there nothing was there and my embarrassment and shame was unhidden. But I played well and I toke the family and friends to the Cafe Lisboa, nearby, to enjoy the Portuguese patisserie and coffee. Apparently they loved o galao, pastel de nata, pastel de feijao, etc :)

Afterwards I left them as they were planning to go to the centre and I was not feeling excited for that. Thus, I came home to rest a bit. In the evening I went for another Portuguese cafe, this one in Camden to watch the derby with Pajo and Mike. Of course as usual whenever I go to watch a match with Sporting this team must lose and today it was more the same.

Good week to all my friends

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