Friday, February 27, 2009

Olivia also Polish citzen

And the holidays quickly are approaching the end, We were always busy, all the time visiting or receiving family at home, there was not too much time for a desired walk in the forest. Today we dived in the papers affairs, It was necessary a huge effort to surpass the highest values of the bureaucracy. To register our wedding and the birth of Olivia it was almost about to do not happen because of a distance of two signs in the Portuguese Alphabet, that the Polish do not recognise, the Assuncao. Thus we needed to fake a document with the consent of the register to sort out the problem, We all were criminal today, please kept this between us.

This holidays were my second time that I came to Poland, it was fruitful to come in order to know better the family and understand all the environment where Justyna grown up. Few important things now I better understand. Like inside all houses also here the problems could find their space.

But what I will take with me is a special moments when I saw the must beautiful character that we can find in the people, And I will be the most happy father knowing that my baby could inherit such a values.

Bye Poland

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