Wednesday, February 11, 2009

do widzenia

A week after our friends went back to Poland, it was good to have them here, Justyna could review her close friends, speak in Polish what is good for her soul. I was happy to listen them laughing even if could not understand most of the time, I hope I was not the subject to the fun.

The day became again grey and very wet, but did not stop me to go for a short walk with my small flower. Also a friend of mine, Pajo told me that he is planning to go back to Portugal very soon, what is a shame but I understand, the Economy and jobs here are not also in its best days.

Tomorrow I will go to the hospital to see the nurse Ruth to discuss about the evolution of my diabetes, I have a big hope in this appointment, to learn more.
As you see the life here is going smoothly what is good :)

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