Tuesday, February 24, 2009



Sorry for the silence, but the trip to Krakow took me all my time and the socializing skills were also focus in the new environment, even if most of time I was lost by the language, Then I decided to do not do too much effort to find any computer or Internet, Only staying with friends as much time as possible. All started at Saturday in the early morning, Justa's mum took us to Slupca to catch the first train, destiny was Krakow with a stop to change in Warszawa, the capital of the Great Poland. To remember, is this Country it was always fighting for their own independence. only find the last geography map after the First world war. The country was ruled by Autrian, German, Russian.

The first step took us around 3 hours, the landscape was superior, equal to the descriptions of the Russian steppe by Dostojewski. The fields are huge, and in the winter it become a infinite white spots, like if the clouds come down to the Earth. The snow covers everything leaving only space to the imagination to play and think what it is there covered, a route, house or a car. Normally the best way to find out a house is when the smoke comes out, in this case we are facing a chimney or any heater that is constantly pumping hot air inside the house. This endless extensions of flat fields are only paused by the forests. Normally the forest are composed by blitcher or white trees and pine trees. The pine trees is the only thing common to the Mediterranean landscape. I tried to move along this Transiberian style train with Oliwka, She was enjoying as much as me when I stop in front of the glasses and looked outside, I could stay there for hours. Few times I could not believed, the picture became enriched by a family of deers or other animals, For some divine reason they were standing in front of ours eyes looking for food or in their own hunting. Afterwards, been told me this animals now are travelling in groups as this is their season for pro creation, The same happen with the hares. I need to apologise because few days after I betrayed myself and in Justynas house I ate some meat of deer.

Back to the trip, the Sun was shinning all the way, me also could freeze and live forever in that moment, forgetting about tomorrows. The only important thing was that moment and inside that wagon. Nevertheless, what counted was the Train path and rhythm, and against that I could not do nothing. Warszawa was waiting for us with a very cold temperature, around -10 degrees. The night before reach -16. Luckily the only two hours we had was used to visit the most important areas, because Eva a friend of Justa was waiting for us in the rail station and showed us the best of the city. The city was a good surprise for me, my idea was a city with a monumental buildings in a Communistic style, with grey infrastructures, but what I saw, at least in the centre, around the main square was a very colourful town. All this area was rebuilt after the great war following the picture and documentation available, like from the novelist and local hero, Prus, descriptions in his books. The main square is still beautiful, and made me think how it would be before was bombed. We did not have too much time to spend going around and also the weather was not inviting us to stay longer outside, thus after a hour we marched back to the rail station to take the train to Krakow, more 4 hours and the capital of Galizia was a reality. This part of Poland in the South is more rich and westernised, It is more easy to find a cafeteria or other places to satisfy the normal addictions. Actually it has has everything. Generally the people has more money to spend in the not essential goods. Even, I found a new shopping centre in the best Portuguese style, like Forum Almada. I am sure this shopping was a Portuguese exportation as we did before to all World. What I found from the sample of my observation is this people have got a high standards of culture, is normal to see them having conversations related with paintings or musicians.

After a long journey we arrived in the city, it was a chilly afternoon as usual, and a lot of friends were waiting for us, all wishing to give a kiss to Justyna and see Olivia. Firstly we passed in Michael and Monica's house and after we went to Majka and Aga's house, where we met the rest of the friends that came over along the night. After midnight Me and baby went to sleep leaving Justyna and friends sharing a lot of things that most of them I could not understand. It is good for me to see how much Justyna is respected and loved by her friends. She has something that put all friends together. All are friends from the studies, they use to be together, but now they have busier lives, and some of them only meet whenever Justyna come to the city.


Ana Cristina said...

Parece-me q estão a aproveitar bastante a viagem, e pelas descrições, até eu...
Com tanta movimentação até parece que os dias aí têm mais horas que os daqui! :)
Continuação de boa viagem

Mts beijocas
prima Ana

ps - Com tanta paisagem maravilhosa vê lá desenhas qualquer coisa pra depois nos mostrares

Anonymous said...

Olá Helder e princesas!

Aproveitem bem esses momentos! São melhores que muitos medicamentos!!!
O centro comercial deve mesmo ser importado de cá... Sabes que há algumas empresas de construção portuguesas na Polónia? Eu sei que a Teodoro Gomes Alho& Filhos esteve na Polónia a construir estradas.
Carla Damásio