Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ola Polska


Early morning we started our journey to Poland, Shubi took us in the comfort of her car to Stansted airport saving us a lot of energies. All went very smooth and quick, as usual, even if we arrived early in the airport, but with so much relaxing in the lobby in the end we needed to run to the gates to do not lose the plane. But fortunately we managed and Poland would be our next step in firm ground.

Poznan was waiting for us with a beautiful weather, with a temperature of -6 degrees, not too bad, I have been told me :)

Again, Justynas brother picked up us and took us to home in Zagorov, The way is really mystical, It makes me remember so much the pictures of the country side in Communistic times, The people are lovely, but I have a sensation the people, principally the old ones looked tired, I am sure the life in this areas it has never been easy, Successive generations been passing through different bloody wars, After Germany again another strong neighbour has marked negatively this people, Russia. Russia before and now with the Russian Mafia also keeps influenced negatively the countryside.

Now I need to pass the computer to Justynas brother, Tomorrow I will try to explain bit more this thoughts :) and see if I can attach any picture.

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