Monday, February 16, 2009

Clear sky


Just now we realise in the last 14th of February past six months of the surgery in the Pancreas, according to the surgeon at that time the 6 months would be the time when I should be totally recovered from that intervention, and I think he was right, as at the present time I do not have any special pain in the Pancreas, however it never become the same, like I still do not have any sensation around the surgery and I still fell that something has been cut internally, But I already learned by some others patients that this is expectable.

Keeping thinking about time, in other extreme, is also by now that my life should be at the end, The first doctors gave me 6 months of life expectation, This in July, Prematurely they said that around 6 months should be the time that the tumour in Pancreas should be already totally spread and my life unfortunately should be by the end. After, 6 months of that diagnose, fortunately I proof them that they were wrong.

All this time, I have been without working, for me is something unusual, If one day I will back to work as I hope I need to built up again my confidence. The good side of this is I gain time to Olivia, in that way I am in a exceptional maternity leave. Today I had some news that cleared the perspectives for our short future, because the council gave green light to start to help us paying the house rent. Thus, after almost three months since when we applied for housing benefit and sincerely I was not expecting any help anymore, it came the good news. Of course along time ago I put the healthy values above overall rather then the money, But money always help.

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