Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday's friend

Today, it was revealed what I was scared of, the gas bill for the time when the meter was broken, I could not believe. I am now studying the way to make them reduce the amount. Anyway, I should know by now, that all this is just the money :)

In spite of everything that happened today, I had a great morning, me and Olivia met my friend Ken, a person I met in the last course in the church. He showed me some of his hobbies, he also likes to draw and paint and apparently wrote already books, I am very happy I brought home one, I cannot wait to start to read it.

Around here, the news were speaking about an explosion in the Sun, but the day was unbelievable cold, increasing my Gas bills :)

Olivia is impressing me with her draws, soon she will teach me.

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