Sunday, March 4, 2012

Urban myths

The day was very dark and wet, like the real London weather in the books, only myths, not any more. Like everywhere in the World. Wherever we chose the weather is now more dry and hotter. Although the big money spent in advertisements from the big polluters there is not any doubt about the Global warming, it is a very serious issue that we keep hiding under the carpet. Said that, although today there was some drops of rain and even snow. Yes, there was snow in the air, but not strong enough to be on the floor.

Because of the weather and also being tired I did not feel very keen to follow Justyna and Gosia to the museum in the centre and their adventurous in the Greek mythology. I stayed with Olivia. She asks all the time for attention, it is hard to find any time to do any other thing. I need to learn to negotiate with her.

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