Sunday, March 25, 2012

Best translator

Olivia today had an opportunity to see all her grand-family, at home there is the grand-mum Joanna and grand- father Zbyszek, but today we had here as well her grand-grand mother Zosia, other grand grand-mom Kazia and grand grand father Staszek. It is a prevelige to have so many grand parents alive, I never lived that experience. I am happy for Olivia.

If today was not the fact that we are in holidays and therefore having the clock in our favour, we would have a bad day losing two hours in one go, one for moving from BST to Polish hour and another one for the sake of the Daylight saving time. I am enjoying updating my readings, today I finished A Filha do Capitão from Jose Rodrigues do Santos and now I am having the pleasure to read for the first time a book from the author who is a friend, Kuril conspirancy. While reading the book I am often finding myself doing judgements about how this story match what I know about Ken.

I am having my life much easier now in Poland, this is not because of my Polish has had improved but because my dictionary and translater has improved, Wherever I go I always make myself accompained of my personal translator-Olivia, it is very effective, quick and never fails. It can have direct English-Polish but also the adavantage of can be used Portuguese-Polish.

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