Monday, March 12, 2012

Handy Man

My day in the charity shop is very funny, I cannot compare with anything what I have done before, I even thought I did not have the skills to repair things, but I am having a go. I can work in the till, I can steam clothes, but what I really like is to go through the appliances, toys, radios and try to repair them, sometimes it just needs the new batteries, and other times to unscrew it and screw again. All small things but it is the difference between a toy dump in the rubbish bin or the toy to be re-sell again, raising money for the kids in need.

The afternoon we took Olivia's friend and went to the park together, Olivia will take advantage of Kalina's company for few more weeks before Kalina will go to Bulgaria for a while. She will be missed by Oli.

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