Saturday, March 10, 2012

100 pieces

The morning came and I was still looking for a nice sleep, Throughout the night I was with low sugars but very lazy to stand up and check, This is a very dangerous attitude but irresponsibly I am still having it. Of course consequently during the day I had the sugars all over the place and I was very tired. I thought for a fraction of second to cancel my work day in the charity shop, but no, it was only one morning, I could do it.

Olivia came to the shop to pick me up, in my shop we bought something special, not a normal jigsaw or puzzle, but one with 100 pieces. It was really a challenge, I am speaking about me because for a Olivia it is a routine.

From the shop we went straight to the countryside centre, only via home to pick up some food to eat down there, Was great to see all the kids neighbours and to play around the woods. This space has something special, good source of positive energy.

I was just worried and sad when before sleep Olivia asked me what is death, and she told me she does does not want us to dye, This was a surprised and to be honest I did not know how to deal with that, probably I did not very well, because after few minutes suddenly she started to cry :(

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