Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today the appointment with the diabetic doctor resulted probably in one more challenge in my life. I am very excited with this new thing but also fearful for not being completely conscious of the changes. The reports are good but also there are people who struggle to cope with this machine. I am speaking about the pump machine that I might start to carry with me, that injects insulin by itself, but of course I will be in the command of the machine, and this is the challenge. I hope with this change I will bring my blood sugars even more down but also avoid so many hypoglcemias, because now, with my efforts to bring it down I am constantly in hypos, and this is driving me crazy and sometimes can ruin my day. In the last days I have been very down, I just want to spend my time in bed. Like this, I thought would happen only when I get in my menopause.

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