Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who rules the World

The day belonged to the gender in majority, one more of those myths, stated in the One man for six woman. I grow up listening this and I do not know even if this ration has ever changed. I was a man quite active in a women's day, I brought flowers to all my colleagues and teacher in the Art class, As of course to all the princesses in my home. It was lovely to see all of them surprised, probably do not expecting this from me. I feel that I need to do something and to give a small tribute to the Women, In my life they are not six for me, but at least 20. In my group of friends, wherever in the school, in the work, I have always been in frank minority, To be honest I love all the woman.

Even with all surprised in my Art class the class carried on, I had another memorable class painting vegetables, I could stay all day long. With so much woman in my day, nevertheless I reserved the evening for a men's thing, to watch football, Sporting beat Man City, but again in the company of a woman, Shubhi.

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