Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Polish Triathlon

I am still taking advantage of the Time that tends to slow down while, I am on holidays, if it was not my mood that sometimes goes down mainly because of thinking that I should have taken already that injections, and this days would be perfect. I think this is having psychological effect on me and in the constant unpleasant sensation around my Liver.

Today we turned to sports, we run so much around the house, like I have not done since I become an unsporting man, But also our trips are now done in the bicycle.

Last night I picked up the last book from Saramago, Claraboia, a pearl that he wrote a long time ago. I have been living wonderful moments through this pages, It is beautiful and I think it also matters the fact that while I am reading I am having a sensation of sadness, as this is probably the last pages written by him and that can surprise me. Of course there is a lot of books published that I have not read yet, and I think soon I will do a long cycle of Saramago's books.

Lastly, what do you think about the function that I found in my camera?

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