Saturday, March 24, 2012

My pink airplane

It took us more to get to the airport in Luton than the journey to Poland, Last night we needed to take three cars until we reached Sergio's home in Luton, Firstly, it was Shubhi's car which decided not to take us outside from Barnet, after we called for the assistance from Tom, and we got very close to Luton already, but now it was the TomTom which freaked out as well. But fortunately Sergio was not too far away and he came to pick us up. Thanks to all our friends.

Very early in the morning we went to the airport, and Olivia was so happy to know that the trip will be done in a Pink aeroplane, and all went smoothly. Surprisingly when I reached Poland I found that also here the Sun can be gentle and Poland is not all the time covered in snow. The temperatures are even better than in London. It was great also to see Justyna's family, they all looked so happy and this made Justyna very happy.

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