Thursday, March 29, 2012


I could not resist for the call from Justyna's dad to go to fish and attest the abnormality of the fish that lives in his private pond, specially its grand size. Quickly I learnt that there must have been a problem of misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the language as the polish meter doesn't match the Portuguese one :) This is in spite of the size of the carps which anyway was over my expectations, so I did not feel comfortable to say any joke and I closed my eyes. For a moments I also thought if I should at all collaborate in this carnage, specially when I faced the fish poorly eyes and could see their big gasps in search for the oxygen in the water. Besides what made me feel even more guilty was the fact of Olivia being close to me. My fishing was not coherent with a lot of my prose, for this I could not escape from her comments and when I saw her running home before the first fishes came in the net, I understood as reprove for this acts. The only thought in my mind that did not made me move back and feel covered in shame was that, a bigger sin than not being coherent I only can see to be hypocrite, as I eat the meat of the fish when it comes to my plate.

The meter long fish refused to came in the nets, Dad justify it with the fact that the carps in his pond become clever and clever and they mastered the way to run between and over the net.

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