Friday, March 30, 2012


After almost a week in Wrobczyn we are today moving down to Krakov to meet Justyna's friends, It will be a long journey on the train, I confess that I feel a bit tired for that. But everything will go well as it has been so far. I am trying to decide which book should I take with me, I still do not know if I will do a break in the readings, this in order to savor and digest the last Claraboia from Jose Saramago.

While I am reading a good book I am always going through a conflict of paradoxes, for one side I am enjoying too much what is in front of my eyes but for other side I want to read more, and this gets me too excited, almost distress, that only finish at the last page. This is never an exercise of relaxation.

During the time away also Olivia will have the opportunity to do a break in her fields duties, like if it was also a skylight in her daily routine.

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