Monday, March 5, 2012


This Monday I warmed up again in my charity shop, and Justyna was in her shop during the afternoon. Olivia and Justyna are already a regular costumers whenever I am working at the till, It is funny to receive from Olivia her own pocket money to pay for her books. Luckily she lives me a lot of tips, paid with big hugs and kisses.

For the first time yesterday and today I cut Olivia's nails in hands and feet, it was always a problem to cut nails, even with Justyna cutting. She could spent long time cleaning between the toes but she would not allowed to go to the toes, but now looks like she overcame also this trauma. The last reamaining trauma is the nappies dependence in the night, and tonight actually she is having a go without nappy, taking advantage of the fact that the supply of nappies run out at home.

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