Sunday, March 18, 2012

Best mother in the world

Olivia is great to keep secrets, she did not mentioned anything to mummy about the surprises we had prepared for her today, as today was mother's day in England, This morning Olivia was happy to offer to the best mother of the World a small souvenir and flowers. I could see from Justyna's eyes that she was very touched. She deserves all that and more :)

The best way to carry on celebrating the mother's day was to share also some time with our adopted mother :) Shubhi and Tom took me back to the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, It was Shubhi who introduced it to me almost 4 years ago and since then I am going there with some regularity, more before big events, operations, CT scans. The work that they do there is amazing, healing everyone humans and not humans, they also have a great library, places to rest and to contemplate, all this for free. It is interesting that all of us feel a very strong and positive energy in the sanctuary. Olivia was very happy and confident being with Shubhi and Tom, enjoying to be with them.

It is days like this that makes people hate or love England, the unpredictability of the weather was taken to the extreme, the predictions were to be a very wet day, but the morning woke up with a glorious Sun, later came rain and hailstones and the evening was just freezing.

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