Thursday, March 15, 2012

Peppa's house

The night is always the worst, last one Olivia was again very restless, but at least throughout the day she looked better, hopefully she will get better soon again. She likes to create, and to have the opportunity to have different experiences. She is a regular reader of the Peppa Pig's newspaper and with that comes always new challenges, and this week was to build up Peppa's house, and she did it very well.

I had my day also around the Art class, If I have not seen this film I would be disappointed, as I spent all the class around something and in the end I have the feeling that I have not done anything, It was probably not the most productive day but It is all part of the learning curve, as my teacher likes to say. Afterwards I saw a friend that I met in this classes, in an advanced stage, we organized one day to go to a club meeting of painters from Barnet, of course it will be a great opportunity for me to look at the works from my neighbours.

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