Thursday, December 1, 2011

Building up for Christmas

Olivia did not go to school, because of her eye infection, We always try as much as possible to not give antibiotics to her, but this time the doctor said to Justyna that Olivia must have it, as the infection could become more serious. Often, Olivia has this swelled eye, sometimes in right side eye sometimes in the left side one. Myself also needed to go to he Hospital in order to have my first blood checking after the radiotherapy. I was happy having all my princesses around me.

Even if I do not pass in the High Street, I am feeling the Christmas getting closer, at least in my soul, I like very much this season. In my Art class today I really enjoyed to paint few Christmas cards. But Olivia also has the spirit inside herself, she started to do her Christmas cards to deliver to her friends.

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