Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Good conversation

We had this morning the visit of our local priest, we had a good conversation, My faith come reinforced from our tea time, At some point he said to me that the Faith is something that make all of us better, the fact of the unsure about the Religion is necessary to all of Us to build a better World. As Voltaire said, if the Religion did not exist it would be necessary to be invented, to order the Society. I do confess that I look for signs from the divine but probably I should not, It is the mystery of the Faith which bring the beauty in all this. I open my ears and heart for our chat but to be honest I am still confuse in my path.

Later, I had the Reiki session and I was busy to go to two different Post Offices to collect parcels from the Father Christmas. In the evening Justyna is trying to get calmer cooking cakes for Christmas, but apparently she did the wrong choice, it is not helping her to relax

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