Saturday, December 17, 2011

Carpe diem

The morning started with a disappointment, There was no snow outside as the day before :) But nevertheless the day turned up very bright and colourful. I took Olivia to a dad's day in a child centre, this is something we used to do at Saturdays and now we are promising to go back to the routine. Through the afternoon we've been invited to do a treasury hunt, to filled up a map of the High street, guess the shop by few clues given in the map, I did it alone and collect a lot of few presents for Olivia. Justyna was telling and she was right, I do like this kind of games, and small competitions.

Olivia did not stop her wonderful day, in the afternoon she had the visit of her friend Kalina, It was very sweet to see them playing, reading and laughing together.

The evening was magical, Shubhi offered to Justyna and family tickets for a Carol concert, It was amazing atmosphere and even more surprising to see Olivia go through the Concert, she was in her best mood, She enjoy the first half but knocked down with tiredness in the second half and then missing her favourite song the Jingle Bells.

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