Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saint Nicholas

Traditionally in Poland today the kids should receive a small gift, in honour to this Saint that liked to give everything away. Olivia had lucky and found a Yo-Yo under her pillow. Plus another chocolate in another sock from her Advent calendar, we can say that she started wonderfully the day. Just there was not much time to taste the gifts atmosphere, it was a busy morning. Watch another school and to Olivia see again the doctor, as she has been with fever and coughing. Regarding to the school, we had now made our mind to which school we would like to enrol her, or put in the first place of the choices, though is not guaranteed the place. Amazing how since very early we faced this choices, what is good and best for the kids, to make them better. I am aware of this at least, it is all what I can do, so far.

My regular afternoon Reiki session become such a good moment for me, It is definitely a nest of positiveness, and it is helping me a lot. Back home I had a great time with Olivia just watching the Pink Panther. So good memories.

Lastly, just to write the outrages decision of this Portuguese government, Without any mercy they arose exponentially the prices for any service provided by the Portuguese National System. I was looking to the prices and I could not believe it, I still think that it must be a joke. all this happens because they know that the rich are not going to this places.

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