Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting calmer

Today we are taking it very slowly. In fact it could be even slower, but it will come the day :)
We have been just staying at home, watching some cartoons with Olivia. Justyna friend's stayed with us overnight, but they already left for their new job that should start tomorrow, hope everything goes as they expect. Later, we had the visit of Nikodem and Aneta, Justyna is his Godmother, She never gets enough of him, He is in fact a very sweet baby and very social, I managed to babysit him for half hour without any problems, something that Olivia would not allow. Until not too long time ago, probably half a year, nobody could stay with her for too long but mother and father. Luckily yesterday we forgot something in Shubhi's house, it was a good excuse to see again Shubhy today when she brought back few branches for Olivia's new piece of Art. Tonight it is Justyna's turn to put Olivia to sleep and I am observing Olivia and thinking that I do not want Olivia to lose her sweetness and tenderness that often happen once they become teenagers and adults, But I guess it is all part of this game.

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