Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

Officially, it is now finishing the Christmas, but we hope the same spirit will keep it on for at least more 365 days. We had a great Boxing day in Shubhi's house, I slept again until late and after just laughing and relaxing. We watched a movie that been offered to Olivia - Aristocats, It is an old film but I never have seen, I do enjoy the cartons from the last century, more than this new ones in 3D and very computerized. We had an afternoon full of competitiveness, around the board game Taboo, Time to realise how lack of knowledge my brain is.

Of course the Social Life never stops, I confess that I am not complaining, opposite, I liked it, In the evening we went to pick up Gosha and another friend of Justyna that will stay overnight in our house, They came from Poland to try their luck in a job down in London.
Bye Father Christmas and Mother Christmas, see you next year

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