Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Justyna needed some time to herself in order to finish her counselling course work, Me and Olivia were just inventing things to do to keep us away from home, not easy considering the cold outside. We tried to ring in a few neighbours. we brought with us few brownies to Sue, but unfortunately she was not at home. only in the afternoon we got our neighbour Jim and Vicky at home, We had a great cup of tea with a lovely conversation, Olivia feed the hamsters of their grand daughter and played with her dolls. It is wonderful, in the heart of London we can experience the feeling of neighbourhood, warm friendship.

Today in the religious calendar is the day of Santa Justyna which makes the Justynas name's day. Congratulations to all Justynas of this World but special for one. I was looking in the calendar for the Saint Helder's day but I could not find, probably for some reason. I only can celebrate my name's day in the day given to all other Saints.

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