Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The birds

The end of 2011 is definitely finishing in good style, today I had another blood tests done and from the Royal Free Hospital I had a phone call telling the date for my next CT Scan, it is 4th January when I will have fresh pictures that tells and draws stories of real Lives.

While me and Justyna went to the Barnet Hospital for the blood tests Olivia stayed with her friend Calina, they played a lot but apparently was not enough, so they came to our home as well to play for the rest of the afternoon. And there is already a promise that tomorrow she will come again. To do not forget, Olivia started to write a list of things that she wants to play tomorrow. It is great to see and even to play with them, but in the evening it is always the same routine, organising and tiding up what was left around, It is a movie that repeats every night :)

Though a busy day, we had some time to finish a piece of Art that was unfinished from the Christmas, Justyna and Olivia done the Birds in a beautiful, Alexander Calder style. It is a new Media in our house and I thing has a lot of future here. Meanwhile, I am also enjoying a CD offered through these days, The mythic Led Zeppelin, strong but good vibration at home :)

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