Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Eve eve eve...

The Christmas is not only around but we are already soaked in the Christmas Season. It was lovely to be all day with friends, to be with all the guys from Portugal, Vasco, Sergio and Pajo. Shame that Justyna, Linda and kids did not come, but the day was for Men :)

In the evening we had our treat with Veena, Khrisna and Ben, The days in Veena's house are always perfect, the company, the food and the warm atmosphere. I already complained to Veena, because she always does everything so perfect that the standards and my expectations are too high, it will be difficult for her to keep always everything at this level :) We were supposed to exchange the gifts and open it only in the Christmas, but we could not resist until there, so we opened straight away, The Christmas started today.

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