Thursday, December 15, 2011

Secret folder

Olivia had her last day in school before Christmas, all the kids got together this morning to enjoy the day. It was also an opportunity to bring home all works from Olivia done through this term which we never seen. They are beautiful and even magical for us to see it.

Justyna disappeared during all day, it has been very difficult to see her, She is either in the library or in the College finishing her papers, Today she even had an hour to start a new activity, to teach Polish to a neighbour. With Justyna out I went to search for presents, but I am too bad to shop, whenever inside the shop I fell myself as if I was blind.

With everybody busy, only in the evening we met altogether again, and in the table. Me and Olivia cooked a meal to surprise mother that was very tired for sure, and for the comments everybody was very happy with the Trout.

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