Friday, December 30, 2011

French plaits

We had a big plan today, to go to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, We even had already left home prepared to have a day out, But firstly already in the station, we realised that there was not trains to the centre of London, we would need to take an underground replacement, which I am sure it would take us hours to our destiny. Secondly, it was also raining what would not help us to enjoy the day where we were going, with carousels and wheels and lastly because of my back pain. Because of the pain and tiredness I was happy with the two first conditions, and then easier to convince Justyna and Olivia to leave the idea of the Park to another day, and today just go home. Girls were not totally convinced, so they decided to go to the cinema and myself I started my way to home, but after they changed my mind, we thought would be a good idea to go for a tea in Shubhi's house. Fortunately she was at home and the afternoon was a delight. There was no Winter Wonderland but instead there was French Plaits for every one.

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