Monday, December 19, 2011

Kings on the table

As much as we are going towards the Christmas as much as the days are getting shorter, Today we woke up in Veena's house and of course the first thing to tell is about the breakfast, which was delicious as usual, We had a wonderful days in Sharma's house, Olivia liked so much the company that she preferred to be there during the time that me and Justyna went to the Hospital, I had an appointment there regarding to the diabetes, It was good to know few more things and to listen that I am doing very well, better it would me very difficult in the doctor words, I am controlling very well the sugar levels, and with less chances to have complications in the future. Of course we were happy to listen all that. But the visit to the hospital was also an excuse to go to an Art shop nearby, I had a voucher, a present from Mike for my birthday last year that I have not managed to used it until today, I treated myself with Watercolours and few brushes, Now I just need to practice.

In the evening we picked up Olivia from Veena's place and went to meet our friends Maria, John and kids, Again a lovely and warm reception. Olivia had more presents to open.

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