Thursday, December 22, 2011


Today I had the visit of the brother of our neighbour who is also a friend, The visit was very special as his brother have been fighting for few years the same illness as I am. Me and Richard shared our experiences, Funny that we concluded that our fatality can also be our shiny destiny, We are able to have the time to the family and our personal things, something that most of the people unfortunately cannot have. It is not only us who gain but also our family.

Olivia today was very funny, I saw her clearing out everything under the Christmas tree, essentially the nativity scenery, and I asked why was she taking out everything and she answered me that she would need more space for her gifts.

Later in the day we went to say hello to our friends Jim and Vicky, they are a very nice couple who have always a nice smile and a good word to us. The Christmas is about opening our hearts to other people, friends and not-yet-friends .

Lastly, to send my warm wishes to my friends in Portugal, and for the ones who are having tonight the traditional Christmas dinner, I have been missing the tradition already for a years, but we are together in our friendship independently of distances.

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Luís Ganhão said...

Merry xMas and Happy New Year for all of you.

PS: You are right, you are with your family more time than we are, so always look to the positive part of possible negative situations