Friday, December 9, 2011

Geese of the Christmas

Today the multimeter showed more energies in the body, at least until evening, this time of the day is when my batteries discharge completely and ask for rest, and I find few little pains everywhere.Even I had a tooth pain, something that I did not know for a years.

But, the morning was great, I went with Olivia to the library and to the ballet class, It is wonderful just to seat down and observe all the kids enjoying.

With all this bad days I was very scare when this afternoon I went to the GP to know about my blood tests results, but there was no reason for that, The levels of white blood cells (Neutrophils) are in the normal range.

To finish, I would like to share one of my first works in the watercolour world, the joy is thousand times greater than the achievement.

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Manuela Esteves said...

Bom fim de semana para vocês os três. Parabéns pela bonita aguarela