Monday, December 5, 2011

Advent calendar

I am already more in the kitchen doing company to the family, in the end it was not necessary to bring the bed or sofa to the kitchen to see myself passing more hours with the family, as until now I was often closed in my bedroom. Even the first blood test results were positives, nothing to worry until the moment. By the way, speaking about changes at home, tonight Olivia moved her bath to our bedroom, because the Winter has now arrived and the toilets were too frozen for Olivia's bath.

Bit late, but better than ever and Olivia is already opening her small gifts from the home made advent calendar, today was a chocolate inside one of the socks :) Until Christmas Olivia will have the belly full of chocolates.

With so much time free I managed today to finish read another book from Jose Rodrigues dos Santos, Furia Divina, To be honest I had bigger expectations regarding to the book, but at least it was very entertaining.


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Manuela Esteves said...

Olá, Hélder. Sou a mãe da Sofia. Nunca consegui enviar comment.Eu que leio o teu blogue desde o 1º dia. Estou a tentar agora... Bjs