Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Little dreams

The International Children's day brought more taste of the Life, Just witnessing and enjoying the life blooming in the front of our eyes must be seen as a gift. In this half term Olivia is busier than ever, Olivia and Justyna had a completely day out with an agenda totally full. With Olivia completely transformed, looking to enjoy and play with friends all the time, firstly she went to a park with our neighbours Noah and Albee, and after came home for lunch, they just touched and go and they were outside again, now after for a Polish neighbours' house also with two kids. The report from Justyna is that Olivia was in the sky with so much play, feeling at home in her friends house.
The last weeks, since she started the nursery Olivia become such a different girl, I do not stop to tell that, because it is really a revolution what is going on inside that brain, I am very happy for that.

Myself, I decided to have a quiet day, Hospital in the morning to take blood tests and after come home to relax and lay down in bed. Today was the last day to have my pills, tomorrow will not have anymore those steroids :) Incredible how this treatment influenced my appetite, I almost cannot relax because of thinking only about food, not only think but also eating. This afternoon I do not remember how much I ate, an authentic crasher machine.

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