Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Harvest Season

Wednesday means for me weekly blood tests in Barnet Hospital, to check my general health, I am sure if it would check my mental health, it would pick up few problems, I am feeling constantly tired and down, and I think it is not from the flu that flown over me in the last couple of days. The Liver is also telling me that exists and I do not like to listen complains from him :) I will need to find calmness to arise again.

Olivia and Justyna had a morning in the park, apparently Olivia had a great time with her friend Noah. Even in the afternoon after the nursery she went again to see him in his house. For the second day she comes home and forgot something in Noah's house, Mother was telling that this is a strategy to see him again :)

Yesterday, was so wet that the harvest in our farm needed to be rescheduled, the pees were picked up today, even though little tough in the plate were very tasty. Justyna peeling the pees made me remember so much the days back in the Algarve, when the family, including my grandmother, were sitting down around a tray full of pees, or favas, when it was not almonds. Simple things, are the ones that leave the best taste.

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