Sunday, June 12, 2011

Festival goes on

The Festival still goes on in front of our eyes, The life is going busy, a friend was telling me, Busy? I do not know if it is the right word, but we are busy of happiness and good time. We found us today enjoying two charity events, In the morning we took the cakes baked by Us (better by the princesses) to the stalls in the Spires shooping Centre, Today was the day of the Cherry Lodge Cancer Care charity, They had been helping me so much since last year and now it was my turn to give them something, It was funny morning to see all the Spires full of stalls rising money for them, and of course our friends Shubhi and Tom could not miss this event.

In the afternoon we went for another event, now organised by the Barnet Countryside Centre, plently of activities for children and adults all related with the wild life and also a lot of music, Olivia and Justyna were the stars, dancing in the stage

At home Olivia still had time to have her second lesson of writing, She is now so interest in the letters and words that I found a game in the board to practice.

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