Monday, June 20, 2011

Composting World

We already had this idea in our minds for quite a long time, but now encouraged by our visits to the countryside centre near us the idea went out from our minds and forward to the ground, We had today our first steps in the Composting World. We want to reduce the amount of waste that we drop in the normal bin and in the green bin that the borough collects, in this way we will have in our garden a system of composting bins to recycle our own waste. This idea become even more a priority after we started our diet, because big part of our debris are now vegetables. The good thing with the recycling all our stuff is also the advantage of using back the composting in our garden, in the flowers, and in our small allotment :)

So the first step was to build up our natural wooden bin, and that is done and working. The next step will be the worm composting, in fact we have already one, given kindly by a neighbour, a nice Wormery. I was already picking up worms yesterday to populate the wormery but today I found out that to decompose domestic waste we will need a special worms, the Tiger worms, and again a friend which has plenty of those kind of worms will spare me an hundred worms to turn my wormery business dream to reality.

I am now trying to understand more about this little creatures that like any other in the planet exists for numerous reasons. I confess in my egocentric and Useful Human kind philosophy, the worms are great and should exist because in many ways are helpful for the Human kind. But ahead, I am studying more about the Tiger worms, what they like mostly to eat, the better temperature, this in order to stay happy and decompose our waste as quick as possible. So, a perfect symbioses.

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