Friday, June 17, 2011

Nothing is gained and nothing is lost

It gives always a deep and good sensation when we are involve in the rescue of any Living Being, The two beans of this story were part of a big full pan of beans that were left inside the water to sprout and thereafter to be eaten, but for some reason the couple of beans instead of ending up in the pressure cooker I found those beans in the sink, On time I took them away and I have been nursing them and today it was the day to put them in the ground. As Lavoisier told us Nothing is gained and nothing is lost.

If the two beans went to the ground however their cousins, the favas came to our plates, I love Fava beans, but here in London rarely we found them, so today was a feast to eat them, reminds also the meals in Portugal which my mother does.

Olivia in the morning had her second ballet dance lesson, She enjoyed very much according to what mummy told me, just a shame that after all day she was so moody.

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