Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today is the longest day of our lives at least for a year, You can show bad face because from here is downhill until Christmas :) I promised to myself to look for Life in a different perspective, only about today and the present, but I am sorry, often this less white perspectives arises in my mind. It is better to not fight the way how I am, just accept it.

The Cherry Lodge Cancer Care is taking a big part in our family well being, this afternoon I went for my Reiki session and in simultaneous Justyna had a yoga, Both after we met outside of the Charity much more relax and happy. I fall asleep few times while in the session, which shows how much drifted away from this World I was.

This evening I hope we still have time to watch a movie, the last two days we were very lucky with the movies we watched, it was the musical Chico & Rita firstly and last night Little white lies.

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