Tuesday, May 31, 2011


In the morning I was expecting a routine appointment with my GP to organize few checks that my oncologist asked me, but I ended up to discuss by his request what would be my last wishes for my last days, if I would like to speak about that future. I confessed that for a while I did not understand very well what was his point, Only after few answers and seeing that he was not happy I understood the point. But, I apologised him as I have never have given too much thought yet for those days. All this is not a shock, The life and its borders in the last years has expanded a lot, the board is able to take much more, but also not sink. No bad feelings, doctors are mainly professionals, and this is not a critic.

In Afternoon I went back to my normal environment, among friends, John came around and we went to spend some time in a Garden Centre nearby, Great Sunshine to warm up our spirits and to help us to see the light. And in the evening we met Vasco and his parents, It was a great time to enjoy time together, with calm and having a great meal in his Restaurant. Thank you, also to the friends to help this boat going.

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