Sunday, June 26, 2011

Going green

This days I had another evidence that the things can get better listening not only what the doctors are telling me to do, but overall giving attention to the alternative therapies. I have been suffer from a fugal inflammation since my fist operation and in the last four months I could not control it, I had a lot of itching and sometimes even I struggled to walk. I tried few creams prescribed by the doctors but the results never been successful, But a week ago Justyna told me to go green here as well, to try Manuka Honey in the place. I have been using this supplement to improve the immune system after the radiotherapy. And actually just two days after I applied the honey it has improved substantially, now it is almost cure. The bees also full deserves to be recognised as one of our best friends.

The weather was fantastic today, finally a Summer day. I was in contra cycle, because normally I am down in rainy days and up in Sunny days, but today I was so tired, I could not enjoy the day, my legs just wanted to be lying down in bed and the head was hacking. I hope it is not any virus.

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