Thursday, June 23, 2011

War with slugs

It is a shame but there is also fights that we need to be prepared to lose, not everything can be won, and the last lost battle in my home was against the Slugs, Our small plantation of lettuces and cauliflowers have been lost, eaten by those crawling animals. Today, I lost the patience of waiting for some good leaves from the lettuces and I cut them out, and I ate the rode samples left by them, Just to send a sign to the slugs, that there is a persistent Man in this side. Not all was lost.

At the same time we faced the truth about our lettuces, incredibly we had our neighbour and friend Sue knocking on the door offering us fava beans from her own plantation. She even did not know how much we love broad beans. We were left so happy.

This afternoon I had the last lesson from this term of the Art class, Fortunately the course will still run next year and I should be invited to enroll. Nevertheless, in the next weeks I will miss the classes. For the farewell was wonderful to have a tea together, almost all the classmates came and even Justyna and Olivia joined Us.

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