Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Going wild

I was thinking why the days are passing so quickly, Am I too busy? Too happy? Are the days shorter? Nothing of this. It must be another reason that I cannot see. Morning rushing between Cherry Lodge Cancer to have my reiki session and the Hospital to do the weekly blood tests. The last week results were OK. The only thing that it has been difficult to control is a rash in my skin. I need to confess that I am often more childish than Olivia, If I play with a new toy I must have it straight away, Yesterday we all had a good time playing with the chairs miniature game, and today I could not relax until I found the same game in the charity shop. The charities are great institutions here in UK, we can find almost everything for good prices plus recycling and on the top the money ends up in good pockets.Lastly, only to tell you that I am nursing two beans in a cup, It is such a small thing but it is with a lot of happiness and love that I see them sprouting and soon they will go to the ground :)
The image it was a decade ago, when n I was going wild through the Portuguese shore.

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Luís Ganhão said...

still looking good :-)